How to Score (Gold) on a First Date

Speedo Fastskin3 From Somewhere Gown

Hurray for Speedo, who has been *teaming* up with British eco-conscience fashion label From Somewhere. The happy collaboration uses offcuts from Speedo’s swimsuits to make evening gowns. To create their “Unity” dress, From Somewhere pieced unused scraps of Speedo’s deluxe new Fastskin3 swimsuit material, otherwise used for the American, Canadian, British, Australian, German, Spanish, Dutch and Israeli Olympic swim teams. (I know! There are actually other Olympic teams besides America and China!)

Speedo Fastskin3 From Somewhere Gown thigh

From Somewhere was founded in 1997 by Filippo Ricci and Orsola de Castro, who said about the dress: “it’s about the environment and preserving water, which should be a priority for all humankind”. Go fashion!

Speedo Fastskin3 From Somewhere Gown rear

The mosaic gown was assembled using sportswear design in mind. According to the designers, “the sewing, finish and details were constructed as if the dress would also have to withstand swimming, which presented an exciting challenge”.

This no doubt would have presented an exciting challenge at my high school swim team’s 4am practice. It’s not like I didn’t already wake up even earlier to put on makeup first. If not with kicking, the gown would surely have upgraded my game otherwise. Lose the meet, win la mode.

Speedo Fastskin3 From Somewhere Gown torso

If you are a former mermaid who grew legs to pursue a human (and learned English from watching TV), and your experience isn’t panning out, don’t panic. Just climb into your “Unity” dress, dive off the nearest pier and make a record-breaking getaway.


[via Ecouterre]


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